What Samsung Techwin’s Consolidation Efforts Really Mean For The Security Industry


It’s no secret that Samsung Techwin is hard at work making organizational changes designed to further step into the security monitoring market. This is highlighted most recently by the addition of Frank DeFina as senior vice president of the company. This addition is important, given that DeFina is the former president of Panasonic System Solutions Company, which handled a portion of the security business. Rapid expansion in the North American market is one of the biggest objectives of Samsung Techwin at the moment, and this approach has interesting implications for the security industry that might not be fully understood.

First, Samsung Techwin isn’t attempting to overlook over hot sectors of the marketplace — they have a strong following in the European and Southeast Asian markets, and that will not change for the foreseeable future. However, the company is realizing that attending to the North American market will further the brand, increading sales. The best thing about a focus on increasing sales is that it will bring in revenue that will be used to create better technology and get it deployed to the world market. In this vein, the North American market seems almost like a testbed for Samsung Techwin to develop bigger and bigger ideas for the security world to benefit from.

One of the biggest concerns of today’s security conscious business owners is the ability to get better quality. Samsung Techwin is picking up on this issue and focusing more and more of high resolution IP network cameras that provide the multi-megapixel quality that businesses are beginning to demand.

The balance between analog and IP cameras that Samsung Techwin is trying to make can be seen in one of their more recent launches — a whole suite of analog cameras that operate at 600TVL and offer strong day/night abilities. The chipset that runs this new line is designed to make it so that anything hiding in the shadows of a surveillance area will be able to get picked up on the surveillance footage. This is an area of surveillance that other day/night cameras struggle with — even the most sensitive day/night camera can have a hard time zooming in on ultra-dark areas.

For high risk surveillance environments, this is a feature long desired — many thieves have gone aware that they can hide in certain areas that few surveillance cameras will actually be able to find them. Samsung Techwin’s new offerings to the market essentially close the loophole that criminals have long enjoyed.

Another feature that shows Samsung Techwin is listening to the needs of the security marketplace is a renewed focus on reducing image noise. Any security conscious business owner has learned the hard way the damage that image noise can do to an otherwise clear photo set. The impact this new technology will have on the security industry is large — if Samsung Techwin can adequately solve the problem that business owners are facing, they will certainly have no trouble expanding their customer base.

All things considered, Samsung Techwin’s willingness to directly tackle the problems that the security industry has dealt with for years is a sign that the company definitely deserves a second look by the industry at large.

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