Life Insurance – How Will You Feel?


How Will You Feel?

If you are considering purchasing a life insurance policy, paint yourself a picture that will help you make your mind up once and for all. This picture can be painted a million different ways, but it will always have the same underlying theme. The theme of this painting is “You”, how you will feel at a given point in time; an image of your caliber.

The perspective of such an insightful exposé is not only your own, this is important because it is an honest reflection of who you are, who you want to be and how you will feel according to your choice. However, more importantly it is the perspective of your loved ones, your spouse, the children who look up to you, your siblings; “How will you be seen in all their eyes when that final important time comes? How will you see yourself in their eyes?”

You find out that little something that has been bothering you is not so little; your doctor has just given you a death sentence, and it is a matter of months. Your health has declined recently but this time you will not bounce back. It does not matter whether or not you have lived a long and full life, or if you are young and just putting down roots where your family can grow. The time for action is past at this point, there is no recourse, the die is cast and your path is set before you.

It is time to inform the people this will affect. Emotions are not all that is involved in these circumstances. Your spouse will be devastated as it is but, “What decision did you make that will affect him or her further and what about the kids and their future?” There will never be a cure for grief, but you have the chance during life to stem the financial hemorrhaging that will take place when you die.

The only choice you could have made to help you at this point was to plan and purchase the appropriate life insurance policy for your surviving family loved ones. The alternative is unbearable; it is too late to get a policy now. The worst is looming in the very near future, the bills are coming and the money is stopping. This is quite a departing gift to leave your soon to be widow and children. This information will be part and parcel of what you have to share about your diagnosis. As if the news wasn’t bad enough. The shame of this thought alone should shake you to determined action.

Informing your loved ones that you will be leaving them soon is about as hard as it gets because you are face to face with your own mortality on top of the hurt that will come into the lives of those you have worked so hard to protect. Think about that for a moment. It will be crushing to them.

So, do what you can in life, to protect them in your death.

There is one point of solace; you have done everything you could to make this painful transition as easy as possible.

When you are gone, there will be finances to handle your final expenses, medical bills, funeral costs, etc. These items your family will not have to worry about. Your kids will still have the money to go to college; the house will be paid for.

This is perhaps the best expression of love you can show for your family; that you had the foresight to plan beyond your own lifespan to provide and protect the people you love. You may be departed soon, but you have taken a situation we all deal with and made the best choice for you and yours.

Praise yourself right now for being able to have the forethought to act upon prudent notions to assist you with your decisions while you are alive.

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