Aniline Market Outlook Will Continue To Be High Domestic Consolidation


Last week, domestic market conditions smooth aniline, aniline plant continued tight supply of the domestic stock market, limited availability of aniline. Materials: The last Friday, Sinopec lowered the price of East China Benzene 200 / ton. Device Status: new pump with the end of last month, Young farmers, Merlin’s car, East China market, tight supply conditions have been alleviated, in north China Shanxi Tianji 150,000 tons / year aniline plant park maintenance, a greater impact on the local market supply. Demand: MDI industry needs is still large, smooth start additives industry as a whole, the downstream textile dye industry market by the fall in the recent general demand, procurement has been slow. At press time, the mainstream transaction price in the East China 11900-12000 yuan / ton, North mainstream transaction 11800-11900 yuan / ton, unchanged from last week over the same period.

Market conditions around the aniline 1, East China Last week, the East China stock market is still relatively rare aniline, aniline local contract factory for many goods mainly limited foreign sales. Late last month a new Pu, Yang agriculture, Merlin aniline devices have reset, supply the local market conditions get some relief. Nanjing Chemical 100,000 tons / year aniline plant planned for the new production in mid-May, but has not been completed nitrobenzene supporting device, the new device is expected to post the actual production capacity of 50,000 tons / year, with plans to reach 100,000 by year’s end tons / year capacity. Other aniline plant load are relatively normal, but the low inventory, sales were a bit nervous.

2, North China Shanxi Tianji 150,000 tons / year plant by plant maintenance is now in the parking state, restart uncertain time, no offer and sale of foreign Jun. Shandong Haihua 50,000 tons / year capacity plant started around 8 percent, now offer 11,900 yuan of foreign / ton, up 200 yuan over the same period previous week / ton. Zhangqiu Sun and Moon 50 thousand tons / year aniline plant is currently running load stable, normal delivery, external offer steady at 11800-11900 yuan / ton. Overall, the Shanxi Tianji aniline plant starts unstable supply in North China influenced the market, the local current supply remains relatively tight aniline.

3, other areas Jinlin Kangnaier 150,000 tons / year capacity plant is currently running high, but stocks are low, the external offer stability in 11700-11800 yuan / ton, the normal shipping. Lanzhou Petrochemical 70,000 tons / year aniline plant into a 8-9 start loading, prices are currently running 11,350 yuan / ton, steady supply. Chongqing Changfeng 45,000 tons / year aniline plant began loading about 8 percent, sales of the normal, prices are still the implementation of 11,700 yuan / ton.

Aftermarket Forecast

Raw material: the upper reaches of benzene has been consolidation among the disadvantaged, last Friday in the petrochemical benzene down 200 yuan / ton; supply: In addition to parking Shanxi Tianji aniline plant maintenance supply a greater impact on the market outside the factory start loading the rest of aniline more normal, and the post-Nanjing Chemical 100,000 tons / year plant planned on-line, late supply or increase supply situation will be alleviated; demand, lower demand for MDI is better, auxiliary industry started smoothly, dye downstream textile industry and other industries subject to its depression, the situation is less than ideal start. Expected, both long and short message in the face of the cutting, the market was cautious, investors will continue to be high consolidation, or affected by tight supply, prices continue upward.

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